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Information Regarding Hacking

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1biggri Information Regarding Hacking on Wed Apr 09, 2014 12:35 am


Hey Enriched Gaming family,

Lately I've been going around and spreading Enriched Gaming around.
Throughout the next little bit, I expect EG to get somewhat more popular and active.

[ I did not pay for web traffic. That's cheating! ]

I may not see some of it, as I plan to move at some point soon, so while that's all getting sorted, who knows if I'll be able to attend this popularity (if it happens).

Anyway, I'm here just to let you know, since it's expected to 'blow up', I guess you could say, people will (probably) post hacks, cheats and/or mods.
Since the members posting may not be EG Certified (people I know), then maybe they'll use something called a false positive.

A false positive : is - { The condition in which spam-filtering software will incorrectly identify a legitimate, solicited or expected e-mail as a spam transmission }.

This means, some downloads may contain these false positives. Your Antivirus software (if you have it) will pick it up and see it as a virus. This is very common. If you've ever used another hacking website (for MP games), then you know what it's like.

False positives are very common, and they are used worldwide for this kind of stuff. Personally, I'm not sure if it's used purposefully or if it's unintentional. Either way, trust it, and if it's NOT a false positive, report it to me.

I will not let you download viruses!
These will be virus-free! Any downloads from this point on (this rule's actually always been here, but here's some extra enforcement) containing something related to viruses (malware, spyware, adware, spam in general, etc) will be REMOVED FROM THE WEBSITE. PERMANENTLY.

Thanks! Smile
Hopefully I'm here for this next little while.
Not sure when and how often people intent to join.

If you see any updates whatsoever in regards to the look and overall layout of the site, that's me! Unless our database gets hacked... that wouldn't be good. But what are the odds of that?

Just sayin', the site may change a bit. This new theme is going very well, though.
So maybe not so much!

[ Owner of Enriched Gaming ]

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All Enriched Gaming concerns and any other miscellaneous items related to stuff like that goes directly to me. You can send me private messages via the "Message" button in the pages.


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