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Enriched Gaming Shutdown - Temporary or Permanent?

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I'd never thought I would make this announcement.

Running Enriched Gaming was always something I loved to do, it really was. Owning a big database full of game enhancements all by myself. Later on, though, I got some helpers along the way. They only stayed for so long, but while they did, it was a good time.

When I started this website, just like every other website on the internet, it had 0 users. 0 members, 0 active members, it was dead. All but me. I remember opening up the forum back in 2012, you know. I'll keep it around, but it's going to be sort of a secondary project for me, as I am starting up a new forum called GamerJoint. For those of you who don't know what it is, let me explain.

GamerJoint was originally a Tumblr blog I started that I posted a couple times on, then decided "Hell, I'm going to make a forum. Enriched Gaming is practically dead, so I'm going to go on and try to start fresh." - and that's what I did. GamerJoint is now a fully functional forum platform that can be visited by typing the undirected link in ([You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] or by visiting our shortened and more preferable URL (until we get a legitimate and paid domain), [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] It's a gaming forum, much like this one. Different name, different standards, different goals.

From Scyro's Game Hacks all the way up to Enriched Gaming, I thank everyone who's helped me in this awesome journey. Everyone that's stopped by, my beloved one thousand members... everyone. Come check out my new website. Enriched Gaming isn't my primary priority right now. is.

Lots of love,
- Scyro/halfswing

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All Enriched Gaming concerns and any other miscellaneous items related to stuff like that goes directly to me. You can send me private messages via the "Message" button in the pages.

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